Platform for Discovery™

The Platform for Discovery produces a digital twin of a site using a system of unique, digitally synchronized vegetation and soil profile characterizing technologies. The resulting Information Infrastructure for Agriculture is used to optimize agricultural production at the field-scale.

Field Intelligence

The integration of advanced and unique satellite imagery processing algorithms with geospatial data analytics for the creation of field baselining and ongoing monitoring powered by LandScan’s Datum Geospatial Platform™.

Digital Vegetation Signature™

Temporally targeted airplane and drone sensor data including spectral, hyper-spatial, thermal, geomagnetic, and LIDAR integrated to produce the Digital Vegetation Signature™ (DVS™) information that can be used to create and refine management zones, target areas to scout, and monitor vegetation vigor and stress over time.

Digital Soil Core™

Deployment of the ground-based multiple sensor Digital Soil Coring (DSC™) system that measures soil physical and chemical properties throughout the entire vertical root zone. The DSC™ system is rapid, objective, repeatable, and transferable and unlike any technology on the planet.

Digital Soil Map

The DSC™ system is utilized in conjunction with DVS™ information and other geophysical sensors to create high-resolution 3D soil and topography information products. Understand how soil physical and chemical properties are uniquely distributed within every field at a statistically robust spatial resolution.

Digital Deployment & Monitoring

Through the information infrastructure installed from Level 1-4 output, eliminate the greatest source of error associated with understanding and acting on field observations by selecting the most appropriate and relevant locations within your fields to place sensors, obtain samples, and monitor dynamic field characteristics.

Dynamic Modeling

Enable actionable and dependable dynamic decision support models by integrating the DVS™ and DSC™ technologies. Manage crops within and across fields in statistically derived and practical to manage zones based on the synthesis of soil, water, fertility, and plant growth processes.

Root Cause Analytics™

Combine all digital synchronized site characterization and analysis levels with plant performance and behavior metrics. This Root Cause Analytics (RCA™) system is a true crop analytical system that constantly learns and improves over time. The RCA™ enables digital twins for soil, water, plants, and ultimately production systems.

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