LandScan is Expanding the Horizons of Soil Science

LandScan is expanding the horizons of soil science! More fascinating discoveries in the new field of subsurface remote sensing using the #digitalsoilcore. What is this? Fungus? Using these tools is becoming more and more interesting every day. We are seeing things never-before-observed and we are excited about what’s to come. #ii4ag #digitaltwins #digitalagriculture #subsurfaceremotesensing #soilhealth

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Empower your voxels! 3D soil view of water availability

There are many practical reasons why producing #digitaltwins for #digitalagriculture is important. Empower your voxels! Here true 3D soil information relating to how much water the soil can hold that is available to the plant is used for a precision center pivot irrigation application. Learn more: #ii4ag

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The Power and Richness of digital 3D Soil Maps

Ever seen anything like this? These types of high resolution digital 3D soil maps can be produced for almost any soil property or attribute using the #digitalsoilcore. While it is not necessary to produce these visuals for site characterization and analysis purposes, it is useful for ‘we humans’ to see this so we understand the

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The Business of Subsurface Remote Sensing

The business of looking down is looking up! LandScan is pioneering the new field of subsurface remote sensing where an image is worth a thousand data points. Just like images obtained from satellites or airborne platforms can be processed, analyzed, and classified so too can images of the full soil profile obtained with the DSC

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Characterizing the Soil Microbiome will Never Be the Same

Characterizing the soil microbiome will never be the same! These features are the diameter of a human hair. We observed several this week in-situ at multiple depths (30-120cm) in a vineyard. The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is capable of characterizing features and properties that are not possible or practical through soil sampling.

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“Everything is everywhere, but the environment selects”

“Everything is everywhere, but the environment selects” is the critical maxim for all things soil health and microbiology. If it is important for your application to understand and inventory the current (or potential) soil microbial populations to assess soil health or the impact of biostimulants, you MUST characterize the environment first. The #digitalsoilcore is the

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Platform for Discovery in Agriculture

The Platform for Discovery is a suite of technologies that produces true #digitaltwins for agricultural applications enabling never-before-observed discoveries and practical decision support solutions. Learn more: #ii4ag #digitalagriculture

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How much water is available to your roots…

Another unique soil information product created by LandScan using the #digitalsoilcore and #rootcauseanalytics. You can’t produce this information through remote sensing or with any other technology. The amount of water that is available to a plant is called plant available water and it is a result of numerous soil properties. This is NOT the amount

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A Digital Twin in Action

This is how LandScan #digitaltwins can be put to good, practical use for #digitalagriculture. No other technology in the world can produce this level and type of information that we call #rootcauseanalytics. Learn more about LandScan: Learn why you can’t do this with soil sampling: #ii4ag #digitalsoilcore #agtech #soilscience

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Comparison of Digital Soil Probes

Understanding the soil is important for our food supply and the health of people and the planet, and yet it remains the most unexplored and elusive part of the Agtech information and analytics ecosystem. The future of soil classification and its power to enable ML/AI and digital twin applications must include direct sensing with probes

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Digital Soil Core images from 2022

The #digitalsoilcore allows anyone, anywhere to view and assess the entire soil profile in real-time and in-situ in a matter of 60 seconds. No other tool in the world can do this. Here are some interesting images from 2022. Learn more: #ii4ag #digitalagriculture #soilscience #soilhealth

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Agricultural Production Optimization Circuit

It is too slow, subjective, degrading, has low spatial and information dimensionality, and removes the soil from its in-situ environment…even if you test the soil sample in the field. Lots of steps for errors to occur too. If you are relying on the lab, then an entire new set of errors are added to the

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas…and remember more than half of the plant (crop) is underground. Enjoy our Christmas Haiku. Merry Christmas treeMajestic in sky and soilSo much to explore

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Digital Soil Core Highlighted in Soil Health Study

LandScan’s Digital Soil Core was used to characterize soil health indicators across a young almond orchard in the San Joaquin Valley after whole orchard recycling as part of a UC Davis study. A poster about our work was presented at the Fall 2022 conference of the American Geophysical Union. See the full poster here. Thank

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Relating Plant Performance and Behavior to the Growing Environment

The crop is scanned using quality imagery #digitalvegetationsignature which in turn is used to guide the location of the #digitalsoilcore (DSC) observations. The DSC’s 7 independent sensors obtain an objective, in-situ, continuous digital soil profile to 120cm+ in about 60 seconds. Hundreds of observations can be taken in a single day. This includes a full

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World Soil Day 2022

LandScan and especially the Digital Soil Core (DSC) team would like to recognize #worldsoilday and thank all of the teachers, scientists, engineers, and data analysts who went before us. We are standing on their shoulders. There is an accelerating recognition that soil is at the foundation of our food systems and environmental stewardship. The #digitalsoilcore

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Eureka! (?)

Eureka! (?) We are often asked about utilizing the Digital Soil Core (DSC) for mineral exploration. We are seeing what looks like gold at some depths in certain locations and at this location there was quite a bit of this material. Doesn’t seem to be pyrite. Learn more about the DSC here: #digitalsoilcore

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Ground Truth

What is your truth? Ground truth that is… The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is the only soil sensing technology in the world that completely ‘senses’ the soil…the DSC feels, sees, hears, and to some extent smells and tastes the entire soil profile. Learn more about the DSC and how we use it from other LinkedIn

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DVS Thermal Profiles

Characterizing and classifying vegetation is a hot topic! The Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) includes a high-precision thermal sensor that enables LandScan to add this important ingredient into our Root Cause Analytics (RCA) tool. The two trees are not distinguishable from each other in March or June, but their differences are obvious in April and August.

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Beware of Shifting Sands!

Beware of shifting sands! There are many who utilize EM/EC sensors to produce ‘soil maps’. These sensors do not produce soil maps and are almost always ‘oversold’ as such. The providers utilize the patterns generated from these sensors to interpolate and extrapolate their soil observations along with topography and/or yield making the false assumption that

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Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS)

It’s about time! You can’t do advanced analytics in agriculture without a digital twin. Analytical quality remote sensing data provides an entire new dimension of information for advanced temporal analytics. The data must be calibrated at the pixel scale. LandScan does this with the DVS in 3 data dimensions: 7-band multi-spectral, hyper-spatial, and thermal. This

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