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Sustainable Ag Expo | November 14-16

Meet us at the Sustainable Ag Expo –
Join us, November 14-16, at the Sustainable Ag Expo and International Sustainable Winegrowing Summit in San Luis Obispo, California. LandScan’s Founder and CEO Dan Rooney is presenting on Site Characterization and Analysis for the Optimization of Irrigation Design and Management, Tuesday November 15th at 3:00 pm. LandScan will be exhibiting at booth E8 with live demos in the outdoor exhibits. If you are at the show and would like to setup a private meeting please contact us.

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Innovation Row at the 2022 Irrigation Show | December 5-9

Meet us in Innovation Row at the 2022 Irrigation Show –
Come see us in Innovation Row at the 2022 Irrigation Show in Las Vegas, NV. LandScan will be exhibiting at booth 143.

Also, don’t miss LandScan CEO, Dan Rooney in a round-table session on Connecting Irrigators & Agronomists: Benefits & Challenges on Wednesday, December 7th at 2 pm. If you would like to setup a private meeting please contact us.

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Timely updates on our Products and Partners

Eureka! (?)

Eureka! (?) We are often asked about utilizing the Digital Soil Core (DSC) for mineral exploration. We are seeing what looks like gold at some depths in certain locations and at this location there was quite a bit of this material. Doesn’t seem to be pyrite. Learn more about the DSC here: #digitalsoilcore

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Ground Truth

What is your truth? Ground truth that is… The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is the only soil sensing technology in the world that completely ‘senses’ the soil…the DSC feels, sees, hears, and to some extent smells and tastes the entire soil profile. Learn more about the DSC and how we use it from other LinkedIn

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DVS Thermal Profiles

Characterizing and classifying vegetation is a hot topic! The Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) includes a high-precision thermal sensor that enables LandScan to add this important ingredient into our Root Cause Analytics (RCA) tool. The two trees are not distinguishable from each other in March or June, but their differences are obvious in April and August.

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Digging into Core Concepts

Getting To The Point About Penetrometers!

The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is a 7-sensor penetrometer. We will write about each sensor over time, but the best place to start is at the bottom. I left the geotechnical site investigation industry in 1997 in order to pursue the idea that the penetrometer sensors used to delineate deep stratigraphy could be miniaturized to

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“Houston, We’ve Had A Problem Here.”

Those were the exact famous words spoken from Apollo 13 on April 13, 1970, when a series of catastrophic failures jeopardized the mission and the lives of the crew as they floated in space 210,000 miles from Earth. It was more good planning than fortune that saved the astronauts, as NASA had an exact replica

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Digital Soil Core (DSC) enables next-level precision irrigation

The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is the only technology in the world that provides the type of information you will see in this video. The DSC will change the way water use is optimized in agriculture by enabling next-level precision irrigation. There is a significant difference in the root zone (top 4 feet) plant available

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LandScan Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) Analytics Dashboard

Introducing the LandScan Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) analytics dashboard. It’s more than cool pictures, these data are the result of spatially, spectrally, and thermally calibrated high-resolution imagery that enables true temporal analysis. These many independent information dimensions power deep machine learning and when combined with the Digital Soil Core (DSC) data creates a quantitative understanding

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LandScan Invests in Future of Geospatial Software With Recent Acquisitions

AgTech leader relaunches software platforms as Datum Geospatial™ Madison, WI, January 21, 2022– LandScan has announced the acquisition of three companies as part of its geospatial software relaunch. The acquisitions include: MicroImages, one of the longest standing geospatial software companies in the global market utilized in 120 countries and translated into 24 languages; Syncarto, a

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Acquisition Of Paris GeoSpatial, LLC.

Over the past 30 months as we’ve worked quietly it has been a challenge to keep our activities to ourselves. Among these activities was the acquisition of several companies that complement the LandScan mission. We will be announcing these in the coming weeks. These acquisitions by LandScan bring technology, intellectual property, and brilliant human beings

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