LandScan Invests in Future of Geospatial Software With Recent Acquisitions

AgTech leader relaunches software platforms as Datum Geospatial™

Madison, WI, January 21, 2022– LandScan has announced the acquisition of three companies as part of its geospatial software relaunch. The acquisitions include: MicroImages, one of the longest standing geospatial software companies in the global market utilized in 120 countries and translated into 24 languages; Syncarto, a cloud-native mapping platform; and Paris Geospatial, led by industry pioneer and inventor Dr. Jack Paris. Together, these acquired companies will relaunch as Datum Geospatial™ by LandScan, offering both desktop and cloud-based geospatial software solutions.

“It’s been a busy couple of years at LandScan, and we’re excited to finally let everyone know what we’ve been quietly working on for the last 30 months,“ shared Dr. Dan Rooney, Founder & CEO of LandScan. “These recent acquisitions truly complement and further our mission of working towards a better understanding of the relationship between plant performance, behavior, and the growing environment.”

The LandScan team is dedicated to advancing the future of geospatial software. Their work includes multiple levels as part of a series of digitally synchronized tools and techniques that together create a Platform for Discovery™. The recent company acquisitions by LandScan bring not only the benefits of new technology and intellectual property to the company, but also additional talented staff from all three companies.

“We couldn’t think of a better scenario for growth for our technology, and our team,” shared Michael Unverferth, President & Co-Founder of MicroImages. “It’s exciting to see our teams working together on the next generation of the TNTmips© software, rebranded as Datum Geospatial™ Desktop.

“At Syncarto we prided ourselves on being one collaborative team working together to break down the silos of software and offer the best cloud-native formats out there,” says Woody Wallace, Founder of Syncarto, who is now Chief Product Officer at LandScan. “As part of the LandScan team, we get to do this with a bigger, even more collaborative team. It’s the best-case scenario – for us and the end-user.”

With a focus on site characterization derived from engineering, agronomy, and analytics, LandScan is revolutionizing the AgTech industry with their Platform for Discovery™ that powers Root Cause Analytics™ (RCA). RCA produces spatially georeferenced above, at, and below-ground Information Infrastructure for Agriculture™, which is the foundation for optimizing agricultural production.

About LandScan

LandScan is a group of passionate and curious engineers and scientists working to develop the world’s most advanced site characterization and analysis technology. The company’s unique platform is a giant leap for farmkind towards a better understanding of the relationship between plant performance and behavior and the growing environment. For more information on the company’s many advancements and discoveries that power Information Infrastructure for Agriculture™, visit

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