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What good is a bunch of information about your crop performance and behavior and how it relates to your land if you can’t derive actionable knowledge from it? The point of the Platform for Discovery is to produce a digital twin of every field to establish causation between the site conditions, the crop, and how it is managed. Once this is done, the fun begins!


Optimizing irrigation and fertility applications or timing activities around planting, managing, or harvesting requires a deep understanding of the relationship between plant performance and behavior and the growing environment. What percent of the field and where is similar to the location you are making your measurement or taking your sample? What is the spatial and statistical context of those measurements used for baselining and monitoring? Not just how much water is in a part of your field, but more important how much water can the soil hold that the plants can access over time? Not just ‘the imagery says my crop is stressed’, but why the crop is stressed and what are the most economical options to improve crop health and performance?


The RCA tool can be applied to any of the site characterization products created from the field-scale digital twin. LandScan has developed an interactive dashboard to explore and discover these spatial and statistical relationships.

One of the first analytical products created from the RCA is a tool that statistically and spatially quantifies the relationship between plant performance and the growing environment at the field-scale. It is based on a familiar metaphor when water is leaking from a barrel at the location of the lowest board. In the same way there are many conditions in the soil that limit the performance of a plant.



With thousands of plants characterized and then classified it is possible to understand the optimal conditions in the soil profile relating to the physical, chemical, and fertility-related individual factors.

The RCA tool produces powerful and insightful analytics at the field-scale.
The RCA tool produces powerful and insightful analytics at the plant-scale.

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