Optimizing agriculture requires a thorough understanding of the relationship between plant performance and behavior, the growing environment, and management decisions. Until now, no complete site characterization and analysis technology suite for agriculture has been capable of mapping the growing environment at a scale and resolution necessary to connect vast agronomic knowledge with field-scale decision support systems.


LandScan was formed in 2019 with a 5-year mission to develop the most advanced and complete site characterization and analysis system available anywhere. Landscan’s Platform for Discovery  produces a complete digital signature of the crops and their growing environment and powers our Root Cause Analytics (RCA) tool. The RCA is a Biophysics-Boosted AI that combines all site characterization data with plant physiological intelligence to create Information Infrastructure for Agriculture; the foundation for optimizing farm management.


A group of curious and passionate engineers and scientists have been working quietly for 30 months. As we deploy our technology in more public forums in 2022 we have made the decision to start sharing our adventures and discoveries with others as we complete our mission over the next 30 months. Our team comprises experts across many disciplines that invent and deploy unique sensors and analytical tools unified by our mission.

Leadership Team

Dan Rooney, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Successful entrepreneur, inventor, and executive with 20+ years of experience in geotechnical and agricultural ventures.

Jeff Dlott, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Dedicated, credentialed professional and successful entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience in agricultural science and sustainability. 

Stephen Farrington, PE
Chief Technology Officer

Accomplished research engineer, R&D manager, and innovator with 20+ years of experience in sensors and algorithm development.

Woody Wallace
Chief Product Officer

Innovative technology leader with 20+ years of experience and a  history of developing innovative products and services for ag and geospatial.

Technical Laboratories

Our mission of creating a platform that digitally synchronizes the relationship between the growing environment and plant performance and behavior leverages the close coordination of three distinct, but related technical laboratories. Each lab Director is a leader in their field who inspires our team.

Remote Sensing Lab
Jack Paris, PhD

Inventor, director and long-standing consultant with 50+ years of experience in remote sensing, algorithms, coding, teaching and leadership. 

Agronomy Lab
Robert Wample, PhD

Plant Physiologist with 40+ years in plant-related science. Proven track record of expertise in crop management and coordination with industry.

Sensor Lab
Greg Anderson

Veteran Engineer with 40+ years of industry knowledge and experience in developing, integrating and testing diverse technologies to form complete systems and solutions.

Our Amazing Team

Science and Technology Advisors

Patrick Brown, PhD

Dr. Brown is a Distinguished Professor at University of California, Davis and serves as an Advisor to LandScan in the areas of plant nutrition, plant physiology, technology development and application to optimize fertilizer use, and advanced harvesting systems in nut crops, citrus, and row crops.  

Andreas Velten, PhD

Dr. Velten is an adviser at Landscan and an Educator, researcher, inventor and author with 15+ years of diverse experience among the differing fields. 35+ publications, 10+ awards and honors and co-inventor of 8+ patents.

Tom Rice, PhD

In addition to being an advisor to Landscan, Dr. Rice is an author, Professor and Certified Professional Soil Scientist with 30+ years of industry experience. He specializes in advisement of soil mapping, soil geochemistry, land management, and vineyard soil management.

John Norman, PhD

Dr. Norman is a Fellow in the American Society of Agronomy and in the Crop Science of America, and is co-author of a widely used text entitled “Introduction to Environmental Biophysics”. He has published 203 refereed publications in the scientific literature in 57 different professional journals and books.

Sabine Grunwald, PhD

Dr. Grunwald is Scientific Advisor at Landscan and Professor at the University of Florida. She has research expertise in pedometrics, AI modeling, soil and landscape modeling, soil and terrestrial carbon assessment, digital soil mapping, proximal soil sensing, and geoscience applications.