Digital Soil Core (DSC) enables next-level precision irrigation

The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is the only technology in the world that provides the type of information you will see in this video. The DSC will change the way water use is optimized in agriculture by enabling next-level precision irrigation. There is a significant difference in the root zone (top 4 feet) plant available

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LandScan Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) Analytics Dashboard

Introducing the LandScan Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) analytics dashboard. It’s more than cool pictures, these data are the result of spatially, spectrally, and thermally calibrated high-resolution imagery that enables true temporal analysis. These many independent information dimensions power deep machine learning and when combined with the Digital Soil Core (DSC) data creates a quantitative understanding

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Meet Dr. Wample

Dr. Wample is a valued member of the LandScan team. He is a brilliant plant physiologist with practical experience conducting agronomic research at an industrial scale. We are proud of his service to our country as a US Marine. See here as Dr. Wample is interviewed for the Vets in Ag podcast sponsored by AGD Consulting,

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It’s About Time For Advanced Remote Sensing In Agriculture.

Introducing the LandScan Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS). Remote sensing applications in agriculture and forestry are ubiquitous. Everyone it seems has a sensor mounted on a drone, airplane, or ground-based vehicle and satellite imagery is widely available to all. This has led to pervasive claims of the analytical power of these tools, claims that are almost

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Site Characterization In Agriculture Will Never Be The Same.

Introducing the LandScan Digital Soil Core (DSC). Imagine obtaining an objective, repeatable, and transferable continuous vertical profile through the root zone in 90 seconds! The DSC contains 7 unique sensors: tip force, sleeve friction, moisture, salinity, sound, imagery, and spectroscopy. In addition to assessing well over a dozen soil properties it is also important to

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