Digital Soil Core (DSC) enables next-level precision irrigation

The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is the only technology in the world that provides the type of information you will see in this video. The DSC will change the way water use is optimized in agriculture by enabling next-level precision irrigation.

There is a significant difference in the root zone (top 4 feet) plant available water holding capacity profiles for these two locations approximately 500 feet apart in this almond orchard. The result of a uniform irrigation strategy can be observed. One location can utilize more water and is thus capable of a higher yield while the other is slightly over-watered. One location is also losing valuable nutrients below the root zone and into the ground or surface water.

The DSC data and all other information for each field is available interactively for the user via the cloud-based Datum dashboard.

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Dan Rooney

Dan Rooney

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