Field Intelligence

Go beyond NDVI with our calibrated vegetation indices.

Calibrated Vegetation Images

The market presents so many options for satellite data, how does one make sense of it all? Sometimes these options involve images from different satellite constellations that have varying spatial, spectral, and temporal resolutions. LandScan doesn’t operate satellites; we specialize in spectral image processing specifically tuned to satisfy agricultural decision support needs.


We consider our satellite-derived map products to be better than those of competitors. Why?


It’s in our superior approach to correction and calibration. Our team includes several pioneers in remote sensing for agriculture. Of course, we have a deep understanding of satellite sensor engineering and data analytics, but what sets us apart is our combined understanding of biophysical and agronomic uses (and misuses) of this – now commoditized – information source.

Digital Soil Survey

Access soil survey interpretations from NRCS and other sources to better understand your fields.

Level Up

to Tree Level Insights

Take site characterization to the next level with our tree-level Digital Vegetation Signature™

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