Proximal Soil Sensing Will Render Soil Cores Obsolete: Here’s Why

That’s a pretty bold title. Why should you believe it? To understand why proximal soil sensing (PSS) will obsolete soil coring and laboratory analysis (specifically for digital soil mapping and precision agriculture), we must first understand how each arrives at its answers. And, we must consider how close those answers can ever get to the

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The Power of 7 Sensors

The Digital Soil Core (DSC) has changed the way soil is characterized by providing rapid, digital, objective, repeatable, and transferable metrics of the complete soil profile in about 1 minute. The real power of the DSC comes from the synergies derived from having 7 independent sensors. Each sensor modality is orthogonal to the others, maximizing

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Getting To The Point About Penetrometers!

The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is a 7-sensor penetrometer. We will write about each sensor over time, but the best place to start is at the bottom. I left the geotechnical site investigation industry in 1997 in order to pursue the idea that the penetrometer sensors used to delineate deep stratigraphy could be miniaturized to

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“Houston, We’ve Had A Problem Here.”

Those were the exact famous words spoken from Apollo 13 on April 13, 1970, when a series of catastrophic failures jeopardized the mission and the lives of the crew as they floated in space 210,000 miles from Earth. It was more good planning than fortune that saved the astronauts, as NASA had an exact replica

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The Power of Knowing

It was the first day of 10th grade and, as I entered my English class, I was greeted by a single word written in huge letters on the chalkboard: sophomoric. Beside it was its definition: foolishly wise. The definition stuck with me, but more importantly, my teacher’s point; that we weren’t as smart as we

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