Information Infrastructure for Agriculture

Do you want to see something revolutionary for the first time? We call it “Information Infrastructure for Agriculture”. Remember, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This product brings together many elements starting with a group of intelligent, hard-working, team members who designed and developed the Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) and Digital Soil

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The “Snap Crackle Pop” sensor

We call it the “Snap Crackle Pop” sensor, but it is really a cleverly engineered listening system that collects and analyzes the complex audio signals created as the Digital Soil Core (DSC) is inserted into the soil. The many incredible rich information dimensions obtained with the audio sensor are fused with data collected from the

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Soil health and the soil microbiome

Every day we see so many amazing features in the soil that relate to soil health and the soil microbiome. Here we see a network of fungal hyphae mixed with root hairs. The spatial resolution is about 3 microns the image scale is 2.3mm x 1.3mm. The Digital Soil Core (DSC) contains 7 sensors that

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Root Cause Analytics (RCA)

I have been conducting industrial field-scale agronomic research for over 3 decades. One thing that became crystal clear to me is that the soil is the driving factor in how a crop performs and behaves over time at any given location within a field. Canopy volume has been shown to drive light interception and yield

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Back to your roots

Let the Digital Soil Core (DSC) take you back to your roots! The possibilities are endless and there is so much to discover. Every day LandScan is uncovering never-before observed in-situ relationships between plant performance and behavior and the growing environment. The digital video microscope is paired within the DSC with other sensors that add

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Breaking New Ground

The Digital Soil Core (DSC) is breaking new ground! We see water beading across void space and root hairs at 65cm along with many other features in today’s scene. The digital microscope is one of 7 sensors contained within the DSC that is revolutionizing subsurface characterization and enabling advanced analytics. #digitalsoilcore #ii4ag #soilhealth #digitalagriculture

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Structure is the Holy Grail of soil properties

They say that structure is the Holy Grail of soil properties. Drink up! The Digital Soil Core (DSC) obtains a real-time, in-situ, continuous vertical soil profile in a little more than a minute that can be viewed anywhere in the world as it is collected! The cool part is that you cannot acquire this content

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Ground Truth

Don’t be fooled by colorful maps and fantastical claims! The Digital Soil Core (DSC) will expose the ‘ground truth’… Electromagnetic conductivity (EC) data sets are useful and are one small part of LandScan’s site characterization process…but they are not soil maps. The same conductivity measurement is almost always a result of multiple soil properties measured

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1 Probe – 7 Sensors

So many dimensions in so little time. Let the discoveries begin! Informative and unique information products are being created from the Digital Soil Core (DSC) for our 2022 test sites. The DSC generates a continuous vertical soil profile from 7 sensors at a rate of about 2 cm/sec. The DSC is part of the LandScan

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LandScan is now making rock music!

LandScan is now making rock music! The Digital Soil Core (DSC) #digitalsoilcore contains 7 sensors. One of these we call “Snap Crackle Pop” and it is a highly sensitive and tuned acoustic sensor capable of delineating coarse fragments and providing additional information about other soil physical properties. This sensor adds an additional set of information

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Root Zone Plant Available Water

How much water is in the root zone of a field AND is available for the roots? The #Digitalsoilcore (DSC) is uniquely capable of practically and efficiently answering this question. LandScan produces the Root Zone Plant Available Water information product for optimized irrigation design and dynamic management.

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‘Deep learning’ in agriculture

Talk about ‘deep learning’ in agriculture! PedonView is one of the many ways to utilize the Digital Soil Core (DSC) for visualizing, analyzing, and understanding site characteristics. These data cubes contain dozens of unique information dimensions for deep machine learning and are a powerful contribution to the Platform for Discovery.

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Subsurface hyperspectral remote sensing

LandScan is the pioneer in subsurface hyperspectral remote sensing. The Digital Soil Core (DSC) has 7 sensors that are used to characterize the soil environment in true 3D. Sensor fusion combined with machine learning can produce astonishing results. In this image we can classify different minerals, quantify porosity, identify redoximorphic features and concretions, and much

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Digital Soil Core (DSC) – Viewing soil in-situ

It is fascinating to be able to see what is happening in the soil in real-time and in-situ using the Digital Soil Core (DSC). The powerful and unique analytics enabled by this tool are game-changing! Today from an almond orchard in California. We can see roots, soil grains, minerals, and more. We can learn and

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Mapping soils will never be the same!

So much can be learned about a soil profile in 90 seconds using the Digital Soil Core (DSC) including a full 3D scan of porosity, structure,texture, salinity, color, and numerous attributes related to the soil water/fertilizer/chemistry/microbiome relationship.

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Digital Soil Core – Maps

It is now possible to digitally characterize the soil profile in 1 cm increments for dozens of soil properties in-situ in about 90 seconds. The Digital Soil Core (DSC) contains 7 sensors that obtain continuous measurements of soil properties including texture, structure, porosity, organic matter, density, moisture, salinity, and many others. Data from multiple sensors

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LandScan Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) Analytics Dashboard

Introducing the LandScan Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) analytics dashboard. It’s more than cool pictures, these data are the result of spatially, spectrally, and thermally calibrated high-resolution imagery that enables true temporal analysis. These many independent information dimensions power deep machine learning and when combined with the Digital Soil Core (DSC) data creates a quantitative understanding

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The Business Of Looking Down Is Looking Up.

Check out this ‘dirty video’ from the LandScan Digital Soil Core (DSC) tool from an almond orchard in California. One of the DSC’s seven sensors obtains in-situ, super high resolution digital imagery of the entire soil profile in about a minute at a resolution of 3 microns! You can see roots, critters, pores, grains, structure,

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