Relating Plant Performance and Behavior to the Growing Environment

The crop is scanned using quality imagery #digitalvegetationsignature which in turn is used to guide the location of the #digitalsoilcore (DSC) observations.

The DSC’s 7 independent sensors obtain an objective, in-situ, continuous digital soil profile to 120cm+ in about 60 seconds. Hundreds of observations can be taken in a single day. This includes a full spectroscopic scan from 400nm-2500nm in 3nm bands without missing even the thinnest of soil layers. This provides information on soil chemistry and fertility including soil carbon. Add to that digital imagery (yes real pictures!) for the classification of soil color, structure, porosity, roots, redoximorphic features, and lots of other microbiometrics. The DSC also includes a unique sensor for moisture and another for salinity along with an acoustic system that can distinguish coarse fragments and other material layers. The tip force and sleeve friction sensors provide additional information on density and texture. These data are fused to produce unique insights around soil-water and nutrient related soil properties and attributes and an almost limitless amount of interesting data features and artifacts for next generation machine learning!



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Reserve Service for 2023 Field Season

Thank you for your interest in LandScan’s services. 

We are currently taking reservations for the 2023 season.  Reservations require a $99 fee to hold your place in-line.  Once your reservation is placed, our team of experts will contact you to develop a work plan and cost estimate.  The fee does not guarantee we will be able to provide service in your region in 2023.  However, it is fully refundable until the job is scheduled.  Please note that we will be prioritizing US-West before other regions.