The Business of Subsurface Remote Sensing

The business of looking down is looking up! LandScan is pioneering the new field of subsurface remote sensing where an image is worth a thousand data points.

Just like images obtained from satellites or airborne platforms can be processed, analyzed, and classified so too can images of the full soil profile obtained with the DSC #digitalsoilcore. The imagery is fused with other DSC sensor and agronomic data in the #rootcauseanalytics system that produces tangible and practical insights and amazing never-before-possible discoveries.

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Reserve Service for 2023 Field Season

Thank you for your interest in LandScan’s services. 

We are currently taking reservations for the 2023 season.  Reservations require a $99 fee to hold your place in-line.  Once your reservation is placed, our team of experts will contact you to develop a work plan and cost estimate.  The fee does not guarantee we will be able to provide service in your region in 2023.  However, it is fully refundable until the job is scheduled.  Please note that we will be prioritizing US-West before other regions.