Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS)

It’s about time! You can’t do advanced analytics in agriculture without a digital twin.

Analytical quality remote sensing data provides an entire new dimension of information for advanced temporal analytics.

The data must be calibrated at the pixel scale. LandScan does this with the DVS in 3 data dimensions: 7-band multi-spectral, hyper-spatial, and thermal.

This calibration enables us to:

1) baseline and monitor subtle changes in all dimensions over time within and across seasons
2) compare data from one site or plot to another
3) create new classifications for scouting and analytics such as canopy volume, architecture, thermal signature, etc.
4) create custom, dynamic masks such as crop height or custom spectral band analysis to eliminate noise
5) only work with fully sunlit pixels and live vegetation for analysis
6) track other attributes like cover crop and weeds
7) digitally synchronize vegetation data with the Digital Soil Core (DSC)
8) integrate DVS and DSC data with Root Cause Analytics (RCA) to produce a true digital twin of every field.

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Dan Rooney

Dan Rooney

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