Information Infrastructure for Agriculture

Do you want to see something revolutionary for the first time? We call it “Information Infrastructure for Agriculture”. Remember, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

This product brings together many elements starting with a group of intelligent, hard-working, team members who designed and developed the Digital Vegetation Signature (DVS) and Digital Soil Core (DSC) sensing systems. Combine that with the acquisition of Paris Geospatial, MicroImages, and Syncarto with some creative and brainy data analytics and we have produced something unique and powerful.

This is a high level overview of just one site (almonds) in CA. We have characterized many other sites/crops as well during the 2022 field season. Keep in mind this demo is done from thousands of miles from the source of the data and analytics via the cloud.

We are making many new observations and discoveries about the relationship between plant performance and behavior and the growing environment using the rich and unique data dimensions produced in this process via the Root Cause Analytics (RCA) engine.

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Dan Rooney

Dan Rooney